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S'mores Sundae

July 7, 2021

The boys wanted ice cream but we were out of whipped cream and it seemed pretty boring with nothing else to put on it. I decided to try making a s'mores sundae since it is summer after all.

I crushed up graham crackers for the bottom, the did vanilla ice cream. I also sprinkled more of the graham crackers on top. I added some mini marshmallows, and toasted a marshmallow for the top of each sundae. I didn't have chocolate, or I would have added that as well. To substitute, I drizzled Hershey's syrup on top (Ryder didn't want any syrup).

They looked delicious and the boys loved them!

Click any image for larger view.

smores sundaes
smores sundaes
Chocolate syrup substituted for chocolate
smores sundaes
The boys' sundaes!